Payless Revitalization

Payless ShoeSource used to be a discounted shoe store that could be found in malls or shopping centers. Payless use to be a well-known brand but over the years hasn't been able to keep up with its fellow competitors. This led to a revitalization of Payless into a brand that stands out against its competitors.

The Problem

Payless wasn't marketing itself well to customers and provided shoes that weren't of the best quality. They also didn't keep up with the online retail stores that many competitors were using. This made them lose profit and start to become a dying brand.

The Objective

Payless will become a new innovative experience. To become a unique experience and gain new customers, Payless will be a new personalized shopper app. The app will include a new brand identity set, color palette, brand stretch, ad campaigns, and brand promotions.

Logo Redesign

With the new direction of Payless, we wanted to create a logo that goes with our message of helping people carve paths to their style.

Color Palette

The Payless color palette will bring back a sense of nostalgia and not stray too far from the old color palette. We accomplished this by choosing an orange that will be seen as trendy to customers.

App Design

To make Payless into something new and innovative, we wanted to bring Payless into a new era of marketing. Payless will become a personalized app for the avid shoe wearer that wants to pay less for shoes. The app will bring in personal shoppers that will help the consumer find the perfect shoe for them or help the customer whenever they need it at no extra cost.

Ad Campaign

Payless created a new ad campaign series called #BeYou. This campaign was made to showcase Payless as a brand that is welcoming to everyone. This ad encourages people to use the app to post their looks so others can see and appreciate their style.

Brand Stretch

Payless not only has an app where you can buy shoes, but they also have Payless Studio, an app that can help you take the perfect picture to add to your profile on the Payless app and on social media. This app allows you to edit your photos and make them stand out amongst the crowd.