Marketing Campaign

Pantone helps various industries through color language: some initiatives it helps are textiles, apparel, beauty, interior, architectural and industrial design. Pantone helps them by providing over 10,000 different color standards through materials including printing textiles, plastics, pigments, and coatings.

Though they talk a lot about their target audience in graphic designers, fashion designers, interior designers, they don't reference the illustrators that use their services.

The Problem

Pantone struggles to showcase one of their target audiences across different mediums, this being illustrators and artist. They also struggle to explain the significance of color psychology and how they use it.

The Objective

Create a marketing campaign that will include magazine advertisements, landing page, social media, and a mural design. This campaign will focus on using illustrations as the main focal point.

Magazine Advertisements

These advertisements bring awareness to both Pantone itself and how color psychology can help make your artwork stand out. It also shows illustrators that Pantone isn’t just something used for printing or other graphic design areas of work, that it can also be utilized to create works of art.

Landing Page

The landing page aims to bring more awareness to color psychology and explain the evoked emotions that the colors bring. The landing page allows users to understand that Pantone colors aren’t just used when printing but can be used in various work industries or hobbies.

Mural Design

The goal of having a mural design for the campaign is to showcase a fun, visual way of how color can help bring out emotions. Each mural will utilize one color to create a monochromatic piece that helps bring out the feelings that the color represents or makes others feel.

My Takeaways

One key takeaway came from the research that was conducted for this project is how valuable research can be in finding out the best way to solve a problem.

Another takeaway is you should always take a step back and look into what you are creating. While creating the advertisements, I had to step back and take in the feeling of each illustration. This was to make sure that each color blended and portrayed the feelings I wanted to provoke.